Ms. Anna Bokowa, M.Sc.

Ms. Anna Bokowa as the President and senior consultant of E.O.C., has over 24 years of experience in odour assessment and project planning. Anna is recognized internationally as an odour expert who has authored more than 30 publications relating to odour issues and odour monitoring techniques. Anna is highly skilled in managing large scale projects internationally for odour assessments including odour testing and evaluation, community odour surveys, emission data evaluation and dispersion modelling.

A frequent expert witness in civil trials, Ms. Bokowa has developed numerous odour measurement methods, including; community odour surveys and ambient odour monitoring for individual facilities. She has also developed methods for complex odour monitoring issues such as with areas with multiple facilities and fugitive sources; an odour assessment methodology from liquid area sources; and methods used for assessing ambient odours to better determine their accuracy. She has researched and authored papers on issues such as ambient sampling with dynamic olfactometry analysis and portable units.

Ms. Bokowa developed and modified the A&WMA EE-6 Guideline for odour sampling and measurement by dynamic dilution olfactometry and also regularly reviews papers and presentations submitted for various international conferences. She was the Chair of the A&WMA EE-6 Odour Committee in the United States (2009-2013) for standardization of odour measurements and analysis. She is also an active member of the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) Air Quality Committee and ASTM member and member of the International Water Association.

Anna designs and oversees all of E.O.C. odour emission programs and can be reached at

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