Environmental Issues

When odour issues arise, E.O.C. helps clients resolve them by personally designing and implementing strategies and odour programs that work. Our team of odour experts will help resolve your odour issue quickly and efficiently.

We will :
  • Investigate odour complaint locations
  • Perform sampling of potential odour sources inside “in-question” facilities that are thought to be releasing odours
  • Determine off- site odour concentrations with sampling and dispersion modelling analysis
  • Carry out ambient odour assessments if needed
  • Test for odour efficiency of odour control units
  • Examine performance testing of odour control units and
  • Create analytical reports of odour assessment evaluations and findings.


Odour Panel Evaluations

A unique and innovative service that other firms in Canada don’t offer, E.O.C. provides a mobile laboratory that is capable of performing odour analysis close to, or even on, the testing site. This mobile lab minimizes the time spent between sampling and analysis, which results in less sample degradation and means your results are far more accurate.

This service includes determining detection, offensiveness or recognition threshold values on collected samples from different sources using dynamic olfactometry and screened odour panels. The evaluations are performed according to internationally recognized European Standards and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s guidelines. Direct evaluations are performed on samples for intensity, hedonic tone and character of odour.

Ms. Anna Bokowa, M.Sc. oversees all of E.O.C.’s projects and is a leading odour panel expert in’ her field. She has been an integral part in the development of community odour panel evaluations and has authored numerous scientific papers regarding odour. She regularly chairs and speaks at international conferences relating to air emissions and the environment.


Workshops and Specialized Training

Specialized workshops are offered on a variety of subjects relating to odour, air emissions and environmental issues. These can be used for training purposes or to better understand the complex nature of air emissions. E.O.C. can consult and design a workshop suitable for your needs, whether it be a small tutorial or an in-depth series of seminars. Our work is hands-on and designed specifically for you.

Sample workshop topics can include:
  • General odour issues
  • Odour legislation in Canada, the United States, the European Union and Australia
  • Ambient measurements techniques and their pros and cons
  • Techniques for odour sampling at the source
  • The importance of proper odour sampling at the source to determine off-site odour concentrations in order to limit the releases of odours and how to control them.


Determining the Importance of Proper Sampling when Assessing Odour for Complaint Purposes

I International Seminar on Environmental Odour Management, Chile, 4-5 March, 2014.


Material  Testing

When odour is prominent in your product, you can quickly resolve the issue by finding the problem source. EOC can help find and design that resolution for you. Manufacturers can use our results to better understand odour releases and improve their products cost effectively and quickly. E.O.C. can sample and analyse odour emitting off-gases from a variety of material products to help distinguish problem areas. EOC can also aid residents file their insurance claims by providing water, smoke or fire damage results to your insurance company.

Material Testing can include:
  • Furniture (such as built in cabinets of newer or remodeled homes)
  • Automotive Parts
  • Carpets
  • Packaging
Our analyses will include (but are not limited to):
  • Total odour concentration values
  • Determining if specific compounds are present, such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde or others that may significantly impact a user’s enjoyment of your product.
  • Testing for potential water or smoke/fire damage which are often required by insurance companies to determine water or fire damage of goods for any insurance claims.


Product Testing

In this ever evolving world products need to continually innovate and improve in order to stay at the top of the market. Environmental Odour Consulting will conduct consumer product testing and statistical evaluation so that you can see what works, and what doesn’t with your goods.

Sample consumer product testing includes (but not limited to):
  • Mass marketed food (salsa, beverages etc)
  • Fast food products (hamburgers, beverages)
  • Alcoholic beverages (beers, wines)
  • Dairy Products (yogurts, cheese)
  • Meat Products

We can help you evaluate the characteristics of your product (sweetness, saltiness etc) the likeability and a comparison of old versus new, etc.

Your clients will thank you for it.



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