Environmental Odour Consulting

  Environmental Odour Consulting (E.O.C.) is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in odour assessment, testing and sampling. Backed by over 25 years of experience, EOC is a leading authority in air emissions and provides exceptional expertise for clients in the industrial, agricultural and private sectors. Whether for compliance, conservation or academic objectives, EOC has been helping clients figure out their odour issues quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


When odour issues arise, E.O.C. helps clients resolve them by personally designing and implementing strategies and odour programs that work. Our team of odour experts will help resolve your odour issue quickly and efficiently.

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A unique and innovative service that other firms in Canada don’t offer, E.O.C. provides a mobile laboratory that is capable of performing odour analysis close to, or even on, the testing site. This mobile lab minimizes the time spent between sampling and analysis…

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When odour is prominent in your product, you can quickly resolve the issue by finding the problem source. E.O.C. can help find and design that resolution for you. Manufacturers can use our results to better understand odour releases and improve…

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Specialized workshops are offered on a variety of subjects relating to odour, air emissions and environmental issues. These can be used for training purposes or to better understand the complex nature of air emissions. E.O.C. can consult and design a workshop suitable…

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  • Ms. Anna Bokowa, quantified during her presentation the tricky issue of odour emission from fugitive sources. The approach taken by this brilliant researcher was novel and very interesting, as she presented an objective way to quantify fugitive emissions from the activity.–3RD International Conference on odour and VOC's, organized by IWA, Barcelona 2008

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